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About us

Ez Alsahra Holding is a Limited Liability Saudi Arabian company that is based in the capital city of Riyadh.

Since its formation 2001, Ez Alsahra Holding has flourished from its strong foundations of strategic focus, integrity, and capability. Our corporate culture is to conduct business with excellence, consistency, and the highest level of ethical standards and professionalism.

Ez Alsahra Holding prides itself in its desert roots and its strong adherence to the best international business standards. The combination of consummate local understanding, far reaching network within the government and private sectors, and strong conformity to the best international business standards and practices, due diligence and social responsibility, have made us valuable partners to our clients and vendors alike.

Ez Alsahra Holding aims to be an important contributor to the development of the Saudi Arabian economy through the introduction of the latest innovations, the application of the best business practices, training and employment of Saudi nationals. By running businesses and investing in companies that are boutique in nature, we empower clients, partners, and personnel to ensure the maximum benefit to our society and shareholders.

Why People Choose Us

Vision & Mission

We aim to invest in key strategic and high growth sectors


We are continuously worked towards without compromising on our core values that have driven our progress since our founding. Ez Alsahra Holding has been able to distinguish itself through adherence to three core values

Quality Policy

Customer Driven Quality: Ensure customer satisfaction by providing services and products that meet our customers’ needs and demands, while maintaining and sustaining overall business success and profitability.


From its inception, Ez Alsahra Holding chose to focus on strategic sectors that were essential to the Saudi economy and have the highest level of potentials. As a result, Ez Alsahra Holding chose to offer practical solutions that meet leading international standards, through four subsidiaries in Healthcare, Security, Technology, and Agriculture:

• Yahmaa Medical Company

• Mawma Company Limited

• Kahmas Technology & Electronics Company

• Al-Dhayghamiah Agricultural Company

• Atras Company Company

In order to distinguish ourselves in these sectors, we have established strategic alliances with selected partners and clients as well as focused our efforts on niche submarkets within each of these sectors. Over the years, we have established trust, transparency, and commitment with our local and international partners.

Yahmaa Medical Company

Yahmaa Medical Company was formed with a mission to serve all facets of the Saudi healthcare industry.

Mawma Company Limited

Mawma Company Limited serves the security and military sectors with state-of-the-art security products, equipment, and solutions.

Kahmas Technology & Electronics Company

Since its establishment, Kahmas has been catering to the ever increasing demand for innovative and quality network communication products and solutions in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Dhayghamiah Agricultural Company

Al-Dhayghamiah Agricultural Company was established to focus on a very niche market within the agricultural industry.

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