Ez Alsahra Holding vision and mission are continuously worked towards without compromising on our core values that have driven our progress since our founding. Ez Alsahra Holding has been able to distinguish itself through adherence to three
core values of:

Integrity and Transparency: We aim to be transparent with our clients, strategic partners, and shareholders in every aspect of our business.

Excellence and Prudence: We aim to conduct our business with excellence through due diligence and the highest level of professionalism. We ensure that we work in a very systematic and prudent manner.

Social Responsibility: We aim to be a valuable contributor to the development of Saudi
Arabia through the introduction of advanced technologies, the best international business practices, and the training and employment of Saudi nationals.

Our shareholders have ensured that these values are engrained into our organization’s milieu from its inception and we continue to abide and operate by them. We pride ourselves with our faithfulness to these values above all else.